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morceau du jour: Kisses – The Nile

kisses_2015Wowsers. Fall is gonna be hot this year, so much new albums ready to roll out. First off: the highly anticipated third long play record by Los Angeles duo and married couple Kisses. They already squeezes out two great tracks off Rest In Paradise and here comes the latest gem: The Nile.

Which is nothing less than “An Ode to Rod Stewart” – that old Celt. Or as Jesse put it with Interview Magazine for the song’s premiere: “I got deep into ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?’ and could not get over how much the production on that song mirrored some of my favorite more obscure disco favorites from the ’70s…Both me and Zinzi are really interested in pop artists who ‘went disco’ — Paul McCartney, The Stones, Blondie, Rod Stewart, the list goes on. Putting these two worlds together was something we felt destined to do.” Word. Worked out pretty darn good, Team Poule says.

Rest In Paradise is out October 9th on Hit City U.S.A.

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