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The Obligatory Album-of-the-Year-Post Post

Ouff. So 2012 went by in a heartbeat. There were a great number of albums I really liked, and only few who didn’t live up to the expectations I had. Like Egyptian Hip Hop’s debut was a bit of a let down (maybe it’s a grower?) for me after the great EPs they had released. On the other hand, we saw many great debut albums and many great sophomore albums as well which is maybe even harder to deliver after a good debut LP.

So anyway, here we go, a highly subjective list of the 15 albums released in the past 12 months that Team Poule enjoyed most. Not a single doubt in my mind about who finishes first.

_CardWallet #15: Celeste
by My Tiger My Timing (listen)
14-sm #14: Voyeur
by Saint Motel (listen)
13-k #13: World, You Need a Change of Mind
by Kindness
12-ye #12: Wake All My Youth
by Young Empires (listen)
11-b #11: Giants & Dreamers
by Bravestation (listen)
10-wd #10: Absolute Bearing
by Work Drugs (listen)
09-ts #9: Confess
by Twin Shadow (listen)
08-t #8: Mixed Emotions
by Tanlines (listen)
07-tc #7: Lesson:Illustrated
by The Cads (listen)
06-ms #6: Happy To You
by Miike Snow (listen)
05-sh #5: About A Feeling
by Summer Heart (listen)
04-b #4: Other People’s Problems
by Breton (listen)
03-bc #3: The Palace Garden
by Beat Connection (listen)
02-tdcc #2: Beacon
by Two Door Cinema Club (listen)
01-s #1: Braided Memos
by Sameblod (listen)

Sameblod totally out-swooned every other album this year for me. Super good from start to finish. They are right up there with every highly-rated mainstream album released in the last couple of years. Mega good production, brilliant vocals. Just a perfect mix. Here is Loud, lead single off Braided Memos: Poule d’Or Album of the Year. Get you copy here.

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