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Rad & New: The Cads – Lessons:Illustrated

Oy – what a music week. First Saint Motel release their EPIC debut album and two ears aren’t really enough this week because The Cads also decided to go for it and unleashed their first LP to the streaming public. Hit that play button below. Lesson:Illustrated  is a magnificent collection of fine indiepop songs that are just so much fun to listen to. Makes you feel like anything is possible. What more could you ever from an album?

9 new and previously unreleased songs – including a new interpretation of one of their first greats Crayola. On top of that the guys from Ipswich are the most fun live, so go see them if you can. An extended European tour is said to be in the works for this fall. But it doesn’t stop just there. See the image above? That is a collage front singer and multi-talent Stefan did – the man who also found a wild Rihanna (yes!).

The CD will be out August 20th on Deaf Surfer Music. Until then: stream away – it won’t be up there forever..!

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