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Rad & New: Breton – Other People’s Problems

Breton actually make the Poule’s plumage tickle. Like, tickle-tickle-tickle. Immediately hooked when their first tracks landed in the Poule d’Or inbox. A few more demos and a great EP later, enter Other People’s Problems. The debut LP. And ka-boom, what a debut. It sounds stupid but their sound really is unlike anything I have ever heard. It’s unclear, it’s anxious, it’s hectic and YET it has a clear distinctive structure, great rhythm and just sounds harmonic. It actually doesn’t make any sense. It’s like Kafka. It is, but it isn’t.

But boiling Breton down to just one dimension (sound) wouldn’t do them justice. It’s the combination of sounds, visuals and rhythm they strive for, as lead singer Roman recently told French-German TV channel arte. When Team Poule saw Breton at SXSW, it was like they actually played a concert – they brought their own visuals, silver screen and everything, for EACH show! It was only my first time in Austin, but it felt really special they’d go through the troubles of setting it up for each gig – up to 3 a day. They are serious, in all dimensions.

Breton’s debut album Other People’s Problems is out now on Fat Cat Records – it is obviously brilliant. Prefix has it up for streaming.

Breton – Ordnance Surveyfree download on Poule d’Or 9

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