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Hibou surfs through Hamburg – with 2×2 tickets for you

Seattle’s finest Hibou has been producing a fine blend of dreamy pop and shoegaze for the better part of this century. After acclaimed success with other projects like Craft Spells, he put out his solo debut in 2015, setting the stage. Last year, he released his third record Halve on Barsuk Records, a bad boy of an album, complete with lush riffs, lots of reverb and a general haziness that is hard to resist be it on a palmy Sunday afternoon or your average coastline commute.

To celebrate the occasion, he is currently spending his days touring the larger metropolises of old Europe with support of German rockers Drew Blank. This flying circus is set to play Hamburg tonight (Feb 13), Brussels next (Feb 14), then hitting Cologne (Feb 15) and Rotterdam (Feb 16).

Team Poule managed to get its rusty feathers on 2×2 tickets for the Hamburg gig (tonight!) – pop an email to music@pouledor.com for your chance to call them yours, by 4pm CET. Terms and conditions apply.

Photo credits go to George Baker and him only.