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morceau du jour: Pam Risourié – Night Flowers

The elusive group of people above that seem to be Pam Risourié have been dipping their hazy toes into the hot waters of the public late last year with an exciting self-released debut EP titled Rituals. The bunch quickly followed up that package of fuzz with a dreamy new single going by the name of Night Flowers.

This misty piece of recording saw the light of day in the early days of 2020 and if you have a thing for the early birds, tune in to the accompanying video produced by the group themselves alongside Gwendal Péron. Night Flowers is out now and equal parts getaway-driving Ryan Gosling aesthetic and breezy summer sunrise on the rooftops, a real steamer in the grey days of post Academy Award February.

Photo credits above go to the flawless and talented Juliette Delivertoux.