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morceau du jour: Remington Super 60 – Fake Crush

As smooth as they come this one. Fake Crush is the latest stellar single by Norwegian outfit Remington Super 60. The group centers around songwriter Christoffer Schou and has had changing members ever since their humble Casio beginnings, all the way back when Cher released her twenty-second studio album, the year when Brandy and Monica dominated the Billboard charts fighting over a boy, and when Geri Halliway left the Spice Girls, in 1998.

Christoffer and his band though have moved on to release a healthy number of albums and EPs. Fake Crush then is equally driven by lovely vocals and an acoustic guitar and a neat sense for melody and tempo. Truly a floral arrangement of a song, like a scene from an urban 60s tiki bar, caught on tape. The track is off their upcoming EP with a release date set for January 24, 2020.