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Photo-Interview #16: Mayes

The excited group of people above goes by the stage name of Mayes, with operations run out of Germany’s second city, Hamburg. The team has been at it for some time, after forming around singer Sam Mayes, and produced a rather enlightening line of singles and videos last year. Icing is their latest exhibit of work, and neatly showcases their divine talent for driving melodies and precise riffs, all carried by Sam’s confiding vocals. Hit play.

Now, 2019 will be the year of good vibes and good vibes only and will see them tour the greater plains of the Teutonic lands, with Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg and more on the ticket in May of all months. Find the dates nicely listed here. Reason enough for the Team Poule to reach out and see what the fine people of Mayes are all about. The four of them really had a good go at it, using the most advanced technologies of the decade. They’re on to something.

Mayes, how did it all start?

What happened so far?

What inspires you?

What does your creative process look like?

What feeling do you want to carry to the listener?

Where does the magic happen?

What’s next?

Stellar. Cheers to that, Mayes! Their latest single is titled Icing and out now, up on Spotify too. Mayes will be on tour in May in selected cities and here is to hoping your city has been selected.

All gifs shot and mastered by Team Mayes, with credits to the title photo going to the multi-talented Nikolai Frerichs.

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