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morceau du jour: Modern Pleasure – Foreva

Nothing is forever but it doesn’t really matter does it. Modern Pleasure here certainly don’t seem to mind, serving up their very infinite new single Foreva in anticipation of their upcoming album Goodbye Chanel. Less a tribute to old mate Karl but rather a timely take on the paths of life and its many avenues, with this group of musicians firmly rising from the ashes of the acclaimed Leeds ensemble going by that same name that came to a halt in 2016.

Now being spread all over the world, from North Yorkshire to Tokyo, and having become fathers, university lecturers, professional singers, the band maintained their desire to write, record and finish the material they had started and as such spent 2018 sending ideas and stealing moments when possible to create the album they had always intended to make. Goodbye Chanel then will be the only album the group is to put out, they made that clear.

It’s more than a coming-of-age story though, but “a journey through youth and the ends of innocence” as they phrase it. Who couldn’t relate to that. Especially when it all comes wrapped in lush riffs, hazy reverb and a pure sunset mood. Foreva is attached below, and Goodbye Chanel is stamped with a release date later this year.

Photo credit goes to the talented, the one and only, the legend who is Curtis Blair.