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morceau du jour: Whitney – Rhododendron

Q4 is well under way and while the European nights get colder still, it’s just another reason to ask Alexa on that Danish mid-century sideboard to play some groovey Whitney on your Sonos speakers. The Chicago duo squeezed out a lush new album in the final days of summer heat via the fine folks over at Secretly Canadian and now that the leaves have fallen, it sounds even better.

Attached below is their brilliant though somewhat of an interlude track Rhododendron, complete with the horns and nice build up and all, really hugging that infinite Lake Michigan coastline.

And as luck would have it, the group is currently touring Europe. With Munich’s Strom on the ticket this Thursday, 14 Nov, before hitting and Berlin (Friday), Hamburg (Saturday) and Copenhagen (Sunday) next. Amsterdam, Paris, London and whole lot more UK are still to come in November, too. Find it all nicely listed here.

Photo credits go to the talented Olivia Bee and her only. Check her stuff.