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morceau du jour: Zustra – The Twinkling Of An Eye

Floating vibes coming in by way of Berlin’s Ariana Zustra who has released a fine selection of singles over the past months and is said to be busy putting together a full length album. Her latest piece The Twinkling Of An Eye just came out and spreads easily over vast synths bringing to mind the dancing shapes and determined scapes created by Dalí or Miró. Moustaches and surreal perspectives included.

As luck would have it, Zustra and her flying circus are currently on tour across relevant parts of Europe, making a stop in Hamburg on Monday Feb 17th when she will take the stage at the one and only Fabrique at Gängeviertel. Her latest track is attached below at your convenience, and comes with an animated video, too.

Photo credits go to Christian Schneider and Christian Schneider only.