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Photo-Interview #13: Shy Shy Shy

Copenhagen’s Shy Shy Shy locked themselves into a studio for the past 12 months, and really had a good go at it. Now though, they are ready and excited to present their newest washing and debut album Make Up with a scheduled delivery date for Friday, March 2nd.

With a reputation for catchy pop music and witty lyrics, the album routinely talks about the inner forces and contrasts of daily human life, of what you want to do and what you actually do, of finding the right words for the situation, hours later. And it all comes wrapped in warm, hazy electronics. Make Up has become a synthy anthem to the Seinfeld moments of life, to life itself really.

Pasted above is their trademark single Lucky Luke. And given them being so eloquent, Team Poule figured why not have them have a go at something a little more visual, and conduct yet another photo-based interview. Take it away team.

Where did it all begin?
What does your creative process look like?


What inspires you?


What feeling do you want to carry to the listener?


(Where) do you get lost?

What makes you make a fool out of yourself?


And cheers to that!

Their debut LP Make Up is out this Friday, and they just confirmed a show in Copenhagen, playing Musik Loppen on April 5. Show them the love.

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