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premiere du jour: Tony Njoku – Drifting (Piano/Synth Rework)

Yes! Ice cold melodies splashing over from London, by way of British-Nigerian producer Tony Njoku. Attached is his latest track, a very personal rework of Drifting, and a Team Poule exclusive! The original Drifting Off In A Care Powered Balloon came out in October and was a tad warmer and forward and vocals driven then this piece which does cater to the stranger moments in life.

Tony, who grew up in Nigerian metropolis Lagos before relocating to London, cut off the balloons and turned the track into a distant and spheric soundcloud, using just piano and synth. The remix will be part of his new album H.P.A.C, with a release date on April 27th, via the stellar Silent Kid Records. Take it away.

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