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morceau du jour: Ilgen-Nur – Cool

Did you know, that illegal sand mining is a 2bn dollar industry in India? Not sure where to go from there, but luckily German trio Ilgen-Nur are here to provide some fresh tunes. Carried by banging riffs, Ilgen’s powerful yet delicate voice tells stories of bags under your eyes and the struggle to stay awake, the struggle to leave the nest. The three of them just released a debut EP coldly titled No Emotions on Sunny Tapes, and have lined up not one but two shiny live dates for the occasion. This Saturday 20 May at Hamburgs Molotow, and the next day at Berghain Kantine in fair old Berlin. Listening through that EP makes you think, this is one to be seen performing live. Team Poule says, this one is gonna go lengths.

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