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morceau du jour: Ē – Afraid Of The Ocean

Oslo’s search engine optimized trio Ē just stepped out the woods with a handy debut EP that is light as a feather but has the distinct force of a group that knows just what avenues life holds, and what buttons they want to have pushed.

Their first single Afraid Of The Ocean is a steady steamer and attached below at your convenience, with the four track EP, quite thoughtfully titled ĒP, out now via Norway’s own Eget Selskap. It was mixed and mastered by Simen Hallset of Gold Celeste, while Ē are Ingvild Nærum (Are You Having Fun Yet), Chiara Cavallari (FOAMMM) and Sigrun Sæbø Åland (Hysj).

Photo credits go to Henrike Kerl and Henrike Kerl only.