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Vernal Equinox: a playlist to get your season going

March 20th, the vernal equinox, the moment in which the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun, when day and night are of approximately equal duration all over this planetary boundary, the turn of the seasons. What a time to be alive.

Get ready then for this one is quite the heavy weight, a harbinger of great things to come this year. Attached below you find the latest installment of the Poule d’Or compilation 2.0, the Bright Clouds series, a range of playlists put together from the great niches of SoundCloud – also available on Spotify. Buckle up, here it goes.

Kicking this season off are Stockholm quartet and Enoch Thompson rockers Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes with their marvellous indie pop summer vibes topped with vocals by Matilde Wiezell of Melby fame. Stevie B’s latest works are set to be released next week, so look out. Up next are US trio DYAN with an infectious electronically fused gem titled What Fiction Is For. They dropped an album last summer and this is their follow-up, premiered over at The Line Of Best Fit. Chicago producer Soft Lashes serves a rather lush piece of art after that. Lancer features some serious late 2000s retro summer vibes, as good as it gets. His debut Hypersensuality is out now, everywhere.

Legendary dreamer Tropic Harbour shares his latest treat New Life after that, so equinox. Their debut Glowing Eyes is out and everywhere, now. Dream popper and Swede RHEYA tells you what he does When No One Else Is Around, next. His debut just came out, and its right there where you want it to be. Lined up next comes a solo project by Montevideo, Uruguay resident Ignacio Vecino. Mountain Castles features dreamy vocals and a production that takes you right into that equinox feeling, the accompanying album A Space Device is out now.

Then, Glastonbury production duo Speakman Sound turn things up a notch with their dancey pop vibe that is quite simply easy on the ears. Main man and Pasadena native Purporangejuice serves an all around chill electronic piece after that, Lotus is his latest and out now. VILDE out of Stockholm shares a new one of his journey to a debut album, High Horse is a beautifully dreamy track, getting his equinox on.

And wouldn’t you believe it, Pittsburgh producer wwoman lets loose another one his of own, Waste Our Summer could be your personal spirit song for these months. Oakland’s soul poppers Bells Atlas know what their doing and on their latest gem they make it look so easy. NCAT is a wonderfully dreamy track, flawless. Next, young Arlie out of Nashville get their guitars and all out and also quite single handedly come out with a proper pop track of its own, flawless, again.

While you are at it, German duo Krakow Loves Adana contribute their latest single off their upcoming new album that is out by the end of this week. Super smooth riffs topped off with just the right amount of vocals and the right tone, super good. Atlanta ensemble Jaguar Purrs present their very talented new single Far Away right after. The group released their debut in January, well worth your March madness. Next up UK St. Alban’s Burma get a handle on their instruments, a lovely indie track driven by rich riffs and distinct vocals. Also catch their debut EP which is out now.

Melbourne psych-pop outfit Hollow Everdaze share their psyched up new single Catastrophe, a great track carried by powerful vocals and a drummer who knows when to do his thing. US duo Water from Your Eyes produced one of the track of this season with their banging Cold Stare, pulled by the on point riffs and pushed by those great vocals. Finally, our favorite Californians Freedom Fry submit their catchy Junkie, just great.

Copenhagen’s Sherpa get their mojos flowing on this next one, catch his across Europe this month and the next. Berlin singer BOKEH shares her latest poppy gem after that, a great dreamy pop number. Her debut EP is out now. Almost there, the final track comes in from Sweden’s Cajsa Siik, a banging drums driven pop track.

21 tracks, enough to take you though this turn of the seasons. Find the Soundcloud details below, and also listen to the selections on Spotify. Team Poule says, now that’s a wrap.

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