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morceau du jour: Balún – Teletransporte

So, Poule headquarters recently acquired a set of Sonos boxes and life couldn’t be better. The most giving feature of them being a preset function called TuneIn which basically allows you to listen to your local radio station via the Sonos system. Nothing too fancy you might think, but it actually is such a powerful tool because you can set any location on this planet as default. It has led Team Poule to listening to a ton of local radio stations, ranging from Senegal and Uganda to Poland, Indonesia, Panama and Chile. It is actually amazing. Like a journey around the world, into the daily lives of those places, from your handheld device. Try it, and also if you have any tips on solid local radio stations, hit us up.

Now, Balún on the other hand are great group of people that Team Poule has been familiar with for some time. Their debut album Memoria Textil from 2010 has been on a constant rotation, for their exciting mix of latin indie vibe and somewhat dark electronics aged like fine wine. This month after a stint at SXSW they announced the upcoming release of their sophomore album Prisma Tropical. Thus, attached below comes their latest treat, Teletransporte. One of the more chill and Björk-y numbers, they can be a bit more banging and poppy at times. Team Poule says, que bonita!

Photo above by the talented Carolina Sanchez of Carofotos at SXSW 2017.

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