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SPOT Festival 2016: Shy Shy Shy

shyshyshyThe hottest Scandinavian bands, ice blue skies and countless magical moments are only a few fortnights away when Denmark’s second biggest city and the capital of Europe’s Region of Gastronomy 2017 Aarhus hosts SPOT Festival yet again. From April 29th to May 1st, more than 150 bands will play shows in various locations in and around Aarhus’ central music hall. A three night extravaganza on the hunt for the newest talents. Booked right next to obvious names like Kakkmaddafakka and 2016’s most hotly traded commodity Liss are Copenhagen’s Shy Shy Shy. Their indie pop is innocent and dreamy while at the same time being straight forward and just on-point. The video to their catchy Don’t Ask is pasted below. And their debut EP Love Songs came out last fall.

The duo will be playing on Saturday at 5pm at Voxhall and also in a daytime show at Fidels bar at 1pm. Furthermore, they have just been added to the line-up of Hamburg’s own MS Dockville this summer. Team Poule says, oh yeah gonna be hottt!

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