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Ja Ja Ja bring you Shy Shy Shy – and more

jajaja_sep_16Did you know that on the Swedish-Finnish border there is a golf club that has 9 holes in Sweden, and another 9 in Finland? Now, I’m sure there is a major pun here somewhere. Anyway, connecting the countries of the North – much like a golf course – are Ja Ja Ja and this week they bring out some big guns to Germany again. On the ticket for Hamburg and Berlin are Norway’s Ary, Denmark’s Shy Shy Shy and Sweden’s Erik Jonasson. With Ary sitting an the more electronic and synth end of the pop spectrum and Erik Jonasson on the rather crooning end, Shy Shy Shy are firmly nestled in the middle. Their catchy melodies and driving vibe have been turning heads all year and they added Roskilde and Dockville to their references this summer.

Catch the three of them at Hamburg’s Molotow on Wednesday, August 31, and in Berlin’s Musik Und Frieden, September 1. Attached below then, are Shy Shy Shy’s latest piece, Soft & Hard off their new EP. Team Poule says, pure happiness.

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