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morceau du jour: FEWS – 100 Goosebumps

fewsIn a world where nothing seems certain anymore, where nothing seems to be the way it used to be, where no beacon leads your way, in this world a new fuzzy force has emerged and placed itself neatly, riding the chillwaves at its peak. US and Swedish quartet FEWS are a fuzzy black and white aesthetic with crooning vocals and havoc wreaking guitars. Underneath the blurry mass though lures a deeply optimistic and forward looking agenda. Their debut album Means is set to be released on top-label PIAS next month, May 20th. Attached below is their new single 100 Goosebumps in visual and non-visual form.

You haven’t experienced the surfing sounds of FEWS to the full extent though if you haven’t seen them perform on a stage. Luckily, they traded their beach time this summer to play just about every relevant part of Europe. After are head line UK tour in May, they have lined up an impressive list of festivals, all of which to be found here. Team Poule says, what a ride!

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