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premiere du jour: Guns – I Know Exactly How It Feels (video)

gunsYet another for one of those shiny Poule d’Or exclusives! Our favorite delight Guns has put forth a brand new video – which is attached below at your utmost convenience. Norwegian native Gunhild “Guns” Jarwson Tekle comes unarmed for this one, with nothing but a catchy song, VHS vibes and dramatic bath robe moves. Pulling the strings behind the scenes was Camilla Myhre, who already shot Guns’ Ricochet video. A dream team you might say!

Speaking of dream teams, Team Poule will be heading to SPOT Festival in fair old Aarhus next week and guess who is set to play a few songs on Friday night, Apr. 29th at 9? You know who. And more importantly, Guns has also been confirmed to do a spot at Roskilde this summer. Good things happening to good people. Team Poule says, we know exactly how you feel.

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  • chr April 24, 2016, 1:09 pm

    Really nice visual tone. Nice glimp Camilla. The music takes you higher than a kite ;-)

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