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premiere du jour: JYLDA – Superficial

jyldaHiding, in the shades, is Berlin’s own JYLDA. And she came packing heavy, with her new single Superficial up the sleeve – not pictured above – and mind you, it’s another one of those Poule d’Or exclusives! Superficial nicely continues her musical sort of Bond theme’esque journey. A truly grand sound. And, also hidden in the shadows, are the bits and pieces sampled on this one, from the buzzing of a scooter, the clunking of a construction site to the rustling of trees, JYLDA states about the recording process – so keep those ears peeled. The track itself then, tells the story of your average inner struggle, about being hard on yourself and your own achievements. Sound familiar? Team Poule says, you are not alone.

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