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Rad & New: Sway Clarke – Quiet. It’s My 90’s Mixtape.

sway_90Main man Sway Clarke is firmly positioned to take over 2016. Fresh out the oven is his 90’s fused mixtape Quiet. It’s My 90’s Mixtape. A sort of cover project taking on the great names from Foo Fighters, Oasis, Blur, Travis and the Beastie Boys to Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Nas & Lauryn Hill. Names that entered the limelight more than two decades ago. A time when Garfield was your number one homie, when music videos were something you waited for to come on on TV, mind you, and rewinding cassette tapes was a legitimate way to spend your afternoon. Actually, if you still are into that kind of thing and can appreciate the beauty of an actual recording, limited quantities of cassette tapes containing Sway’s 90s sounds are available here – along with a full stream. 

Also, Sway Clarke is currently touring the northern parts of the UK, playing Leeds tonight actually before hitting stages in Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, London and Bristol. Get your tickets fast.

Attached below then – with hat-tips to Oasis and the Beastie Boys – are Champagne Supernova and Sabotage (Reprise) by Mr. Sway Clarke, making this mixtape both rad and new. Team Poule says, smooth as silk.

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