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premiere du jour: Sway Clarke – Nü L.A.

sway_clarke_Excited like a baby panda in snow for this one. On the back of a solo tour, Sway Clarke comes home with this mad single of a track: Nü L.A. – a Poule d’Or exclusive and one that will make Kanye get all kanye. Nü L.A. is a perfect mix of the acoustic folk’ish vibes that are well known to be up Sway’s sleeves and a straight out banging development that seems to be taking place out of nowhere – all strapped together by this voice. A curve ball of a song.

Now, if you find yourself saying, yeah, I can get down to this, you are in luck! The man, the legend Sway Clarke is readying the release of a new mixtape as we speak – out in the wild in no less than two weeks. Keep your eyes open for that. Team Poule says, mind blown.

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