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morceau du jour: Sway Clarke – I Don’t Need Much (video)

swayYup, there you have it. He has said it. He did it. Canadian native and Berlin resident Sway Clarke has an all new video out for his hit single I Don’t Need Much. And if you think, yadda yadda yadda I heard that song before, hold to your wigs and keys just a minute and wait this one out because Mr. Clarke has hidden something rad and new in there for part two.

The video then, is attached below and does accompany the release of his new EP titled Bad Love: five mad tracks, a perfect companion to your average July twilight ride or just when hanging out in front of you favorite sunset. Also, if you enjoy a bit of urban perspectives from Germany’s capital I Don’t Need Much will have you covered as well.

On top of that, Mr. Clarke has announced an evening live in concert at the end of the month – featuring a full-on band! Note that down in your Moleskines, Keller in Neukölln, July 29th. Be rude not to. Team Poule says, what more DO you need, really.

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