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Rad & New: Goodbye Chanel – Through Night To Paradise

goodbyechanelHere is another great EP of the year. Leeds’ Goodbye Chanel finally got behind releasing a small collection of his magnificent works. Through Night To Paradise features his trademark gem Liefe that he unleashed to the world in spring last year. You might also remember his euphonic track Divine which he shared for the 11th Poule d’Or Compilation in May this year.

The rest of the EP is equally fantastic. The attached Kalifornia has rays of sunlight breaking out of your speakers and the vast Wilde and Abzarkee Springs are wonderfully blurry and dreamy and yet precisely produced. It’s the perfect balance of vague silhouettes and crisp harmony, it’s like you are drifting away but you’re not. And at 23 minutes it’s a welcome soundtrack for the lunch break at your desk as well as the afternoon by the sea. Because even after listening to it five times in a row it feels same same but different. A wonderful record.

Through Night To Paradise is out now for only 4 pounds – which isn’t a lot of money for a man’s work if you think about it. Stream slash buy here.

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