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Poule d’Or Compilation #11

pouledor11_640pxPresenting – the all new 11th Poule d’Or Compilation: soundtrack to what will be a great summer! It is an absolute charm putting together these compilations, everytime. This eleventh edition has been no different. I still am genuinely amazed by how friendly and nice everyone is in this part of the industry. Cheers to you!

A massive thank you to all the artists and their managements for wanting to be a part of this ongoing series! Really glad to have all of you on board for this one. And thank you readers for still being interested with Poule d’Or in its fourth year, for constantly downloading almost 10.000 compilations over the years. On Number 11 you will find some familiar names and hopefully some new favorites too. Hope you enjoy this one!

Here goes lucky number eleven: Scroll down for the download link – or stream on 8tracks. Feel free to drop a comment below with your own favorites!

1. Goodbye Chanel – Divine feat. Jaymz Dean | Actually divine this one, phenomenal track by two Brits Goodbye Chanel and Jaymz Dean who used to play in a band together. Perfect intro, slowly building up around soft beats, precise percussion and crooning vocals, a rough diamond this one. Pure dreamy bliss. More… | Leeds, UK | website

2. Waylayers – Love Locked | B-side to their amazing single Magnets that came out late last year. Love those tropical synth soundscapes, along with Henry’s vocals. Super good. The trio has a new EP release line up and also a handful of spectacular festival dates for the summer, see them if you can. More… | London, UK | website

3. Duck House – Run | Stefan, front man of The (amazing) Cads, shared a track for the last compilation already. Cannot get enough of his solo project Duck House. Fine beats, distinct groove. Just so smooth! Check his beautiful art too, king of the collage. More… | Bristol, UK | website

4. City Society – Riot Bloom | Hands down one of the best albums Team Poule listened to this year. New York’s Richard Cupolo has created really great dreamy indie pop with danceable beats on his debut which comes out this week. This is the wonderful opener. More… | New York, NY | website

5. Hibou – Glow | One of my favorites this year. Oh those riffffs! Pronounced eee-boo, this one is sort of a love child of Blood Orange and Wild Nothing. Wonderful. Stay tuned for his Dunes EP out June 13th. More… | Seattle, Washington | website

6. Disaster In The Universe – Recovering | These guys played one of the best concerts Team Poule ever attended a couple weeks ago. On stage the five lads arrange a massive tropical party, palm trees and leaves, glowing neon colours, aztec patterned tights (yes!) and custom draperies. Everything. It’s dreamy perfection. More… | Oslo, Norway | website

7. Enerate – Unstoppable | Sort of a Passion-Pit-esque synth pop vibe going on here. Only, a lot more exciting. Unstoppable is the perfect soundtrack to a dreamy weekend on the beach. Great video going with it too. More… | Sydney, Australia | website

8. Kisses – Funny Heartbeat | One of the first supporters of Team Poule, really glad Zinzi and Jesse share a track again. This song is off their great new second album Kids In LA that is out today actually. Warm riffs, palmy air, that California feeling. More… | Los Angeles, California | website

9. Work Drugs – West Coast Slide | Work Drugs are the definition of a sexy beat, their music is just as smooth as is gets. Why you want to run forever! The lads are coming to Europe this summer for the first time, playing at Swedish Hultsfred festival. More… | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | website

10. Malouines – Thieves Like Us, Stay Blue (remix) | Usually not too much of a remix-lover but French Kiev-resident Malouines is something else. Super good rhythm on this Thieves Like Us classic. More… | Kiev, Ukraine | website

11. Colleagues – Parents’ House | Ah swedish indie pop at its finest. Pretty sure these guys are little over 18 years old, babies practically. Look out for their debut to drop later this summer, surely going to be strong. More… | Stockholm, Sweden | website

12. Duellum – Pineapple | Charming pop song by these French fruit lovers. Pineapple off their cool new EP Drift. Shake your pineapples to this song. Check their dates across Europe for an entertaining live experience. More… | Paris, France | website

13. Freedom Fry – The Sea Invisible | Never sat on a horse a day in my life, but our beloved friends Marie and Bruce do provide the perfect soundtrack for it, I think. This song, riding horseback into the sunset. Much love. More… | Los Angeles, California | website

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