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Rad & New: Sameblod – Swoon EP

sameblodThe longest day of the year is rapidly approaching with Midsommar little more than two weeks away. Luckily, the soundtrack is already here. The lovely fruity loops of Sameblod return with a handful of fresh new songs. Mike and Frederick finished 2012 strong with releasing an absolutely phenomenal debut album. After then retreating into the most northern Swedish woods to hang out with a pack of Huskies and soak up the vibe(zzz) of the countryside, Sameblod now dropped Swoon.

The EP carries their trademark vast synthscapes and crooning vocals, inducing this cold and yet comfortable cozy feeling. Attached is Way, as dreamy as it gets. Also catch the beautiful video to the first single Norwegian Summer released last week. Stream the whole EP here, and grab your vinyl copy directly through their label Riot Factory.

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