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premiere du jour: Post Pines – Waterfall (foreverandever Remix)

foreverandever_3Here is something you haven’t heard before – because it’s yet again a Poule d’Or exclusive! Swedish band foreverandever went the extra mile on this one and remixed the already smooth as silk single Waterfall by fellow Swedes Post Pines, a duo out of lovely Linköping.

Foreverandever then, took the spheric and mellow Post Pines track and banged it up a notch, taking it downstairs, dimming the lights. A rhythmic twist and dance piece, like moist air on a cold morning in September, appearing to hover over the cold forest floor. The remix is out tomorrow, May 30th – with Waterfalls, the real thing, being out now on Swedish label Meraki Force. Team Poule says, Swedish forests eh, take care out there.

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