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morceau du jour: ÆRHEART – Lost Tapes 01

Did you know that the companies of Tokai, Roland, Kawai and Yamaha all hail from the same Japanese city of Hamamatsu, about 300 km West of Tokyo, right on the Pacific Ocean? Hamamatsu is dubbed city of music and is home to one of the largest museums of musical instruments in the world. The tallest building and landmark of Hamamatsu is a harmonica shaped hotel and congress center. What a place.

A few miles further West, across the globe then, in Sweden, ÆRHEART got his instruments in place and produced away on them. The first in a series of 12 is Lost Tapes 01, attached below. Wonderfully dreamy and vast piece of electronica, an ode to the engineers of Hamamatsu, if you will. Team Poule says, miles deep this one.

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