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morceau du jour: Felix Kubin – Blurred Edges Mix

DSC08642-EditWho doesn’t enjoy a fair amount of European national football on a June weekend? Team Poule certainly does. There are more things in life though than 22 men chasing a ball for 90 minutes, and the Germans always winning at the end: Blurred Edges is “a festival for a wide field of music, including new music, improvisation, soundart, electronic music and avantgarde-DJing”. Yea, they mean business. And this year it is taking place from June 3 to 19th in different locations in Hamburg, Germany.

The man, the legend Felix Kubin took to the occasion and put together a fresh new mix, featuring a whole range of internationals, attached below. He will be showcasing his talents on Thursday, June 16th during Blurred Edges. Photo evidence by mad photographer Janto Rößner, above. Team Poule says, nice touch Felix.

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