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premiere du jour: Fragrance – Lust For Lights (video)

fragranceDid you know that in France, it is illegal to kiss on the platform of a train station in order to avoid any train delay? And that in France it is illegal to drink alcohol at your workplace – with the exception of beer, wine, cidre and poiré? Liberté you might say. In the meantime, all around Frenchman and Parisian Fragrance has a new video out which is proudly premiered right here, on the Poule d’Or.

Fragrance produces a wonderfully light and high-flying tilt of the dreamy electronic pop music spectrum. And what better day to send this beauty with the title Lust For Lights into vast world wide webs than on June 21st, the light-richtest day of the Northern hemisphere’s year. Team Poule says, Allez Les Bleus!

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