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morceau du jour: FEWS – 10 Things

fewsLast week Team Poule got on their bicycles and went to Copenhagen to see the amazing FEWS play a show at Spillestedet Stengade – supporting this band called Beach Fossils. Yep. It was a rainy Tuesday and freezing cold and yet the people of Copenhagen know what’s good and came out to see the lads.

The American-Swedish combo of FEWS had the audience eating out of their hands, infectious indie rock slash dream pop with the most catchy melodies. They only have a few (no pun intended) songs online and be sure there is more where that came from. FEWS played a banging set, these lads are certainly one to keep an eye on. Fingers crossed they’ll manage to record some of the beauties they played. Ace stuff, right there. Oh and Beach Fossils were alright too. Also, if you live in Göteborg, make sure you catch FEWS at Klub Rudis this Friday. Going to be hot and sexy for sure.

Attached is their banger 10 Things – off Poule d’Or 10. Snag a free download here. Seriously though, Beach Fossils. Epic concert. These guys don’t mess around.

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