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Poule d’Or Compilation #10

pouledor10Today is the day. The 10th compilation. Two and half years ago, in February 2010, I posted the first compilation here. I got in touch with 12 artists that I really liked and felt were a bit overlooked asking if they were interested in sharing a track for a compilation. Surprisingly they all got back at me and wanted to be a part of it. That was the concept back then and it is what drove the following 8 editions and now this 10th one too – 134 artists, 165 songs and almost 8.000 downloads later. A curious mix of new music, from unknown musicians and those already on the rise.

I want to say thank you to all the people that I emailed with and met in the past two and a half years by way of the compilations for wanting to be a part of this, for being positive and supportive and really for making this whole series what it is. First and foremost, it’s been a lot of fun! The biggest thank you goes out to all you readers and “sharers” for downloading and spreading the word. The feedback has been so wonderful and it is a real pleasure putting together these mixes and seeing people getting excited about an upcoming release.

There might be bigger blogs and better blogs and compilations that are more popular but I feel like what makes the Poule d’Or series unique is the fact that all the artists are on board with being a part of it. Every track has been cleared by its righteous owner. That brings a sort of personal connection to it, rather then it being a couple of tracks strapped together.

So, enough with the blah blah – here goes the track list for Poule d’Or 10. Scroll down for the download link – or stream on 8tracks.


1. Duck House – Flaw | A side project of The Cads’ front singer Stefan. This track is just pure and smooth, absolutely loving it. A debut EP titled Frowns will out later this year. More… | Bristol, United Kingdom | homepage | facebook

2. Breton – How Can They Tell | Totally in love with Breton’s sound. It’s unclear and hectic and yet has this unique harmonic rhythm. Brilliant production. They have a debut album out you shouldn’t miss. More… | London, United Kingdom | facebook

3. Olympic Ayres – River Song | Mmmh those trumpets, then the drums. Totally swooning over Olympic Ayres. The duo has a new EP out, don’t sleep on it. More… | Sydney, Australia | facebook

4. Teddiedrum – The Audience | Epic electro-pop from this Belgian duo – happy music. They already shared a song for the 7th compilation, this track is off their new EP. We need the love from the audience. Don’t we all? More… | Ghent, Belgium | facebook

5. FEWS – 10 Things | Ugh. One of those invaluable inbox surprises. You can’t find this shit. Epic guitar riffs, perfect rhythm, right in the Dive (Diiv?)/Beach Fossils-vein. Super good. More… | facebook

6. The Cads – New Seed | Massive fan of The Cads, one of my favorite live bands. They shared a track for the 5th compilation two years ago and now released their brilliant debut album. This is the first single. More… | Ipswich, United Kingdom | facebook | buy album

7. Satellite Stories – Anti-Lover | The winters are supposed to be freezing in Northern Finland. Ice over ice over ice. Over ice. This warm indie-pop treasure is even more surprising then! Super good song. Debut album out next month, plus European tour. More… | Oulu, Finland | facebook

8. Nimmo & The Gauntletts – Chin Up | Hands down, one of my favorite EPs this year. Absolutely loving the duo’s trademark English post-punk-influenced pop sound. The saxophone adds so much depth to it. Super good. Great rhythm, great atmosphere. More… | London, United Kingdom | facebook | buy EP

9. Yes Cadets – Le Mans | An exciting mix of sensual, reverb-drenched guitars and edgy, rhythmic art-pop. The trio has it all. And a brilliant debut EP out in two weeks on Berlin’s Humming Records. | More… | Belfast, Northern Ireland | facebook | Humming Records

10. Freedom Fry – Summer In The City | When I was in L.A. earlier this year I spent a fair amount of time stuck in traffic. And with Bruce and Marie of Freedom Fry. So I’m totally biased but their music just puts a smile on my face. Much love. More… | Los Angeles, California | facebook

11. Bogan Via – Kanye | Neat little indie pop gem by this boyfriend/girlfriend duo. They have a self-titled EP that came out in January – still good. No known affiliation with Mr. West. More… | Phoenix, Arizona | facebook

12. Astronauts, etc. – Mystery Colors | Solo project by Berkeley student Anthony, didn’t know an organ/ drum machine could sound this good. His crooning vocals create a sort of hypnotic dream-pop that is quite rare. Super good song. More… | Berkeley, California | facebook

13. Karana – Me To You | The long-time friends and former band mates teamed up again after 5 years to record some tracks together. The result, infectious catchy electro-pop left them wanting more and led to them forming Karana. Bisou bisou. More… | Brooklyn, New York | facebook

14. Junior Prom – A Little Time | Erik and Mark spent last winter writing and recording songs and have been steadily releasing one by one throughout the summer. Banging electro (pause) pop. Doesn’t sound like winter. More… | Brooklyn, New York | facebook

download Poule d’Or 10

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If this is your first compilation – don’t worry. You can find all previous compilations here. 8.000 downloads can’t be wrong.


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