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morceau du jour: Kirrin Island – Brothers

kirrinHamburg’s beat-wizard par excellence Kirrin Island spent all winter in his lab coat and goggles, busily tweaking and twisting, working on his new album. The finished product titled Cassette will be out not on cassette but in a handy CD-format and an even more handy download next Monday, May 20th through Bloody Hands Ltd.

To celebrate the occasion, Kirrin Island along with a handful of friends and fans invites you to join him for the release party at Hamburg’s Kraniche, this Saturday May 18th. Now, Team Poule does know a good party and this certainly is one not to miss. Be there, it’s going to be hot and tropical.

Attached is Brothers (uh uh ah ah check it) from his new album: vintage Kirrin Island quality, catchy beats and this fine sense for multi-layered melodies.

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