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Reeperbahn Festival 2019: Andrea Poggio & La Festa

Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival is just about to begin and this year sees a fine selection of Italian music making its way North. Four bands are on the ticket for an exclusive showcase held on Thursday, Sept 19th at Sommersalon, from 14h00.

I’m Not A Blonde will be opening with a colorful spin of electro pop. Next up is Andrea Poggio who might just be the most exciting name of this year’s festival. He produces a great palmy mix of 80s pop spritz and the grande bellezza of the Italian riviera. He had a debut album out in 2017 on La Tempesta Dischi that is aging like fine wine. Find his brilliant track Miraggi Metropoliani pasted below.

Synth heavy Julielle will take the stage next with a great blend of dark electronics and mesmerizing vocals. Finally, shoegaze’y outfit Be Forest is set to play. The quartet successfully manages to merge post-punk and a healthy dose of reverb into fresh and new 2019 sounds.

La Festa – The Italian showcase really has it all. RSVP here.