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morceau du jour: Love-Songs X Tür zum Kosmos

In our algorithmic times of singles and tracks being upvoted and downvoted it is refreshing to see some human curation taking the wheel. Enter Tür zum Kosmos – a brand new event series that aims to open the door to the microcosmic beauty of independent publishing. Each event will be booked around one particular label and for the first edition they invited Cologne’s KAME HOUSE.

The young label was founded by the DJ duo of the same name and has since put out a remarkable range of electronic productions. Scheduled for the first Tür zum Kosmos in Hamburg on Friday, Sept 27, are Conny Frischauf, label co-head Infuso Giallo and Hamburg super stars Love-Songs while second co-head Uomo di Carne will be on the turntables throughout the night.

The whole party goes down at Frappant’s new space SLOT with doors at 8. For a taster, hit play on Love-Songs’ immersive Endlich Satellit attached below. All you need to know, right here.