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morceau du jour: Moscow Youth Cult – Dream Console

Britain’s very royal ensemble of Moscow Youth Cult have been on the forefront of versatile electronic music for the better part of the last decade. Last month they oligarched out a new long player going by the name of Brutalist – a mad 43 minute joy ride through 15 songs, changing pace, tone and colour every corner of the way, while staying straight on course. A fitting soundtrack to the dark evenings of November still.

Brutalist is out now, via London’s great Hello Thor Records and I Own You Records – with the 12 inch changing hands at a mere twelve pounds – and up for a streaming experience on Spotify. Attached below is the brute swinger Dream Console, a tropical gateway into the great twilight ride that is this album – comes with visuals too. They will be presenting their new machinery to the world in London at New River Studios, Friday Nov. 30.

All credits of this breezy shot above go to Louise Neervoort and Sabrina Weiss.