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Izakaya Nights: a playlist for your nocturnal desires

izakaya-listInspired by a recent trip to Japan, consider this, totally un-Japanese, playlist for your new music diet. Izakaya Nights is a collection of the wildest and most entertaining recent tracks, curated by Team Poule. An izakaya then, describes the most common form of a restaurant in Japan, a loud type of after work pub with excellent food. Just what you need after day, lost in translation.

On the list below you will find a careful selection of new songs and some new artists as well. First off the bat are Malmö duo Wy – look out for their November dates in Sweden. Next up are Jagara, three sisters from London, Nottingham duo Moscow Youth Cult, Swedish producer Monuson, and Joel Rampage, of Postiljonen fame.

Find Viigo of unknown origin after that, legend Kaz Gamble with his banging second solo track, New York dream poppers Past You, fellow dreamers Seeing Hands from Newcastle UK and Little Glass Men out of San Francisco.

Furthermore, Oregan based producer Lost Integrity, London quartet Island, multi-instrumentalist Cadence Kid, Gothenburg ensemble Pale Honey, and yet another Swedish act in Many Voices Speak – who just released a stellar EP on Hit City USA.

Close pitching then, are soothing London trio Hanging Valleys, and Montreal duo Orahe. The ride is attached below, hit play and maybe find a new favorite. Team Poule says, hop on for the ride.

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