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Maillot Jaune: a playlist for your alpine climbs

Oh Mamma! It’s August already and about time for some lush melodies. Here then comes a new selection by Team Poule, a Bright Clouds playlist of warm riffs, a decent amount of reverb and a general dreaminess that makes you smell the orange skies. So lean back, hit play, and pass that Courvoisier. The playlist is out now on Spotify and SoundCloud, at your convenience.

1. BRAUN – Prague | off debut LP Silent Silence out in October on Diving Bell | Portland, USA
2. Expanses – Beach Hotel | solo debut by Closely dummer Joel | Toronto, Canada
3. CHANGELINGS – Escapist | taken from his new album From My Raygun With Love out later this year | Melbourne, Australia

4. Summer Heart – Hotel Beds | second single off his new album 101 out in September alongside UK and US tour dates | Malmö, Sweden
5. The Cosmic Strange – The Tide | track off their self titled debut EP from July | Johannesburg, South Africa
6. Bleach Dream – Drown In Colours | second single of their debut album Saudade that is out now | Melbourne, Australia
7. Freedom Fry – Brave (Remix) | remixing themselves, those two | Los Angeles, USA
8. Wy – What Would I Ever Do | single off their new album Okay out now everywhere | Malmö, Sweden
9. Thomas Crystal – What A Time To Be Alive | solo single by one half of Work Drugs, debut album Swells out now | Philadelphia, USA
10. Sal Dulu – Antasma | funky single with a new release in the making | Dublin, Ireland
11. Magic & Naked – Bring Me The Moon | track from their new album Human Expression out in September | Geneva, Switzerland
12. Foliage – Silence | hot new single of his debut album Silence from July | San Bernardino, California
13. Heartbeast – Lose | new track from their debut album Zero out this month | Hamburg, Germany
14. The Crowleys – LA Sunset | song from their debut EP | Hamilton, Ontario

Hear the whole selection, right here, right now, on Spotify and SoundCloud. Find the previous playlists on both outlets too, and nicely listed here. Team Poule says, coming in nicely.

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