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Photo-Interview #15: Sea Moya

Hold my beer, this one is on to something. The illustrious German ensemble that is Sea Moya recently emigrated to Montréal in Canada of all places, taking life by the horns. The group has a prestigious and professional history, and has just released its debut long player in Falmenta, via the great Majestic Casual.

On it, the talented trio showcases its mad handling of melodies and harmonies, a distinct sense for tempo and finding the right words at the right time. With most of the album having been written in Falmenta, nestled in Italy’s Piedmont, you can hear a natural sense for seclusion, and echoing trees and leaves right through. Truly, a wonderfully diverse piece of 12 tracks, emphasizing the concept of an album in times of streaming and shuffling.

Their latest single Purple Days is attached below, one of their slower numbers, with a pinch of electronic twists no less.

Reason enough for Team Poule to reach out, and see what the fuzz is about. The group really went the so called extra mile, with old mate Bruce packaging it all up in custom made gifs. So with no further ado, here is the photo-interview with Sea Moya.

How did it all start?

Where does it all lead?

Where do you find inspiration?

What does the creative process look like?

Where does the magic happen?

What feeling does Falmenta carry to the world?

Where do we go from here?

And going we are, Sea Moya is taking their newborn Falmenta on a worldly tour, with a line of dates in Canada from Winnipeg and Toronto to Ottawa, before crossing the Atlantic with dates in Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, France and more. Find them all nicely listed here. Key dates include Berlin Dec 8th, Amsterdam Nov. 20th, Paris Nov 23rd, and Hamburg Nov. 19th. What a time to be alive. Falmenta is out now on Majestic Casual, Spotify and elsewhere.

Title photo credits go to main man Tilman Ruetz.