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morceau du jour: Freedom Fry – Classic

California’s sunshine is coming right through on Freedom Fry‘s latest offering. Classic is just that, a lovely folky ode to days spent under the skies minding but your own business. Ah, the pleasures of life on the west coast. Classic then, is also the name of their debut album, after no less than 22 singles and 6 EPs under their belts. That LP comes with a release date for June 1.

In the meantime, they have annouced two SXSW shows. Palm Door on Sabine, March 15, 11pm – and Icenhauer’s on Rainey, March 16, 3 pm. With those new tunes ready and a reputation for live shows, those promise to be fun fun fun. Team Poule, what beats a day at the beach.

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