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morceau du jour: Summer Heart – We Are The Ones

Sweden’s finest Summer Heart has stepped forward with a new project for 2018 during which he has set out to release a summer song each month, throughout the year. #12SongsOfSummer has kicked off last week, with We Are The Ones. The dreamy upbeat piece is attached below, and given the arctic status most parts Europe are in right now, this warm slinger doesn’t come a second too early. Cool.

And not only that, it’s almost March, which is time for SXSW. The Summer Hearts have lined up not two but three shows so far, official ones at least, that go like this:

3/12 – Greenbelt Touring Presents “All the Friends Fest” @ Swan Dive
3/13 – Greenbelt Official Showcase @ Cheer Up Charlies
3/17 day – Jesse Rosoff presents Rosquatch @ Swan Dive

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