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premiere du jour: Bonnie Li – We Should Go To Sleep As The Birds Are Singing (video)

Berlin-based duo Bonnie Li returns with a brand new video for their handily titled single We Should Go To Sleep As The Birds Are Singing that came out earlier this year, a hypnotic twist of dark industrial electronic music. The single is out now on Sweden’s great Icons Creating Evil Art, with Bonnie Li currently finalizing the work on Plane-Crash, their 5-track EP, which will be out in early November with a debut album penciled for 2018.

The story of the track itself dates back to their days in Paris, and long walks back home after nights in the studio, as Bonnie puts it: “I walked back home and I was dazed by the tranquility of the morning, and birds started singing. It is a love song.”

The new visuals then, tell the story of parasitizing ghosts of the past, the ghost of “trying to make things right for everyone all the time. When I was composing this song, it became clear to me that I had to stop staying attached to all those things that were in the end out of my reach, and poisoning my life.”, says Bonnie, and “I think that madness can be something beautiful in which you can find inner peace.” There you have it, a mad track really, and a Poule d’Or exclusive. Team Poule says, smooth.

Team photo above by Kiril Bikov.

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