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MS Dockville 2018: Otzeki

Mid-August heat on a buzzing river island that is loaded with larger than life art installations, stages hidden in the bushes, tree houses and a main stage tinted into the orange sunset, MS Dockville is known for nothing of this. Kidding! MS Dockville is just that, and more even! August 17 to 19 will see no less than 12 stages hosting a carefully selected line-up of international hitters like Nick Murphy or Bonobo, Everything Everything or Cigarettes After Sex. As well as local floaters like Olli Schulz, Erobique or Mis-Shapes.

Naturally, Team Poule is out to find the smaller names on the line-up, the ones retreated into the tree houses or shipping containers or hiding in the bushes. Established bookings include The Soft Moon and their lush waves, Børns and his glam party, or Baths swinging his magic wand.

One not to be overlooked will be Otzeki and their energetic, physics defying set, scheduled for Friday, 21h50 at the Butterland stage, hugged by leaves and green, and the sun dipping into the Elbe river. The group plays a great industrial feeling spin of electro pop, and just released their debut album in spring titled Binary Childhood. Find their single Foreign Love, attached below. A few last tickets for Dockville are still left at the box office, get behind that.

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