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Hallo Festspiele 2017: abandoned power stations, steely strings and soundproof corridors

The majority of the former power station Bille site is currently unused, decommissioned architecture, and in an transformation process. Music and art festival Hallo Festspiele are part of the process, from October 4-7 and 13-14. More than 40 artists will be invited to develop concerts, performances, DJ sets, sound installations and audio-visuals with a focus on the audible perception of the imposing premises. Among others, Booty Carrell, David Helbich & Konrad Sprenger, Gabriel Ferrandini, Perera Elsewhere, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Puce Mary, and many others are scheduled.

Highlights include Ellen Fullman. She has worked on her grand installation Long String Instrument for the better part of almost four decades. The sound sculpture stretches steel strings up to 21 meters through the room, with resin-covered hands, she walks along the strings and produces rich, organ-like soundscapes. She will be in a solo performance and in a collaboration with the German artist and producer Konrad Sprenger to see and hear, on the 13th and 14th.

Another circle in your calendar should be around the world premiere of the music theater installation zero decibels by Hamburg composer Daniel Dominguez Teruel. It includes a soundproof corridor, extending over several floors of the former power station. Guests are invited to walk through it and experience massive bass fields and a different access to body and listening habits. The installation is part of the festival from Oct. 4-7.

Musical highlights include several DJ sets, composer and percussionist Sven Kacirek, as well as L Twills and her industrial tunes, attached below. Find all relevant information on Hallo Festspiele’s mad website, Team Poule says, gonna be right on the spot.

Photo credits of the power station go to Johannes Kollender.

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