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Reeperbahn Festival 2017: IRAH

Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival is set to go down smooth as silk this week, taking over the St. Pauli district from September 20-23. With over 500 concerts scheduled in more than 70 venues for the occasion, it can be a two man job to scroll through the line-up. Lucky then, that Team Poule has your back.

A total gem on the ticket this year are Copenhagen’s IRAH. They are a rather grand appearance on stage, one of those that while they are good on record, can’t quite fully be caught on tape. Still, attached below, is their new single Worship The Sun, for a glimpse. A celebration of Earth, Moon and Sun, a product of a late evening in Copenhagen, with the city lights shining outside the windows and lightnings appearing in the distance. Pure drone, and an entrance on stage. They play Indra on Saturday 21h20 as part of Music Export Denmark’s showcase. Team Poule says, go get em!

Photo credits above go to Christina Amundsen.

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