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Frost Festival 2017: Blondage, Liima, Cancer, and proper lighting

Up North, winters can become a damn dark and depressing time of the year. But also very productive months in terms of creative output and innovation. Here then steps in Frost Festival which takes place this month in Copenhagen. From February 4 – 26 the festival presents a series of concerts and light installations at selected and improbable locations around Copenhagen, striving to form new unique synergies through the collaboration of music, venues and light.

The previous years included concerts at the bottom of empty swimming pools, in abandoned aquariums, in the botanical gardens and in a number of museums, churches and historical buildings. This year they will set up concerts in parking lots, old royal pheasantries, ancient warehouses and more.

Efterklang offspring Liima will play in the newly opened underground parking lot below Ofelia Plads on Feb 4th (sold out) in a five band setup alongside The Entrepreneurs, WeLikeWe, Pede B. & DJ Noize and Katinka while ex-Rangleklods duo Blondage will play in a light filled RGB White show at Lille Vega, Feb 8th (few tickets left).

And the list continues. Sekuoia, Av Av Av, Kentaur and IRAH are on the ticket too. The latter trio will play at Fasangården in Frederiksberg Have on Feb 22nd. Until now, the old royal pheasantry has never been opened for the public and this event will be the first sneak peak into the house, where they are gonna play in a living room with a special stripped-down orchestration.

Danish duo Cancer then have lined up no less than three shows. They will perform with a full band at Hofteateret, Denmarks oldest theatre and located in Christiansborg castle, on Feb 10th. On Feb 9th they will play a duo concert in banquet hall at Designmuseum Danmark, while the show at Carlsberg Academy’s Pompejisalen will be a special grand piano concert on February 21st. Attached below is their latest treat Esca, off their album Totem which came out on Tambourhinoceros just days ago.

Now, while a lot of the individual shows are already sold out, there a still a few golden ones available and some concerts are even free to attend, check the events section and don’t be shy. Team Poule says, I put a boogie dollar down for that!

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