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Ja Ja Ja brings a trinity of joys to Hamburg (and Berlin)

lowlyJa Ja Ja, your favorite Scandinavian organisation engaged in the export of musical pleasures, have lined up another one of their fabolous showcases. The setup goes like this, three phenomenal new bands from Scandinavia, free soup, and a drink on the house. What is not to like? Up next are Finland’s mysterious folk rockers Lake Jons, electro-acoustic (if that makes any sense) group Apothek from Norway, and our lovely favorites Lowly from Denmark.

Attached below you will find yet another gem by the Danes, their latest offering Word. Marvelous electronic production, careful on-point vocals and a distinct sense for timing and melody, just beautiful. And really one to be seen on a stage, in live action. The group started in the area around Aarhus’ infamous music school, so they know what they’re doing, and after steadily conquering the North have now announced a full-on UK tour in February next year. Look out for that, and for their debut album Heba which is scheduled for release February 10th. In the meantime, go see this Ja Ja Ja showcase in Hamburg’s Molotow November 23rd, and Berlin’s Musik und Frieden the day after. Team Poule says, what a ride this will be.

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