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morceau du jour: Little Glass Men – The Flame

little_glass_menDid you know that the San Francisco neighbourhoods of Marina, Mission Bay, and Hunters Point are all built atop a landfill? And that Al Capone while held in Alcatraz played banjo in the inmate band Rock Islanders? Pictured above then is San Francisco resident Little Glass Men and while it goes unreported if he resides atop a landfill these days, it is largely undisputed at Team Poule headquaters that his music is among the most exciting new sounds that hit our speakers this year. A vibrant mix of lo-fi grooves, vintage samples and live instrumentation – you might even spot a banjo in there – that creates an amazingly chill sound with a sunny West Coast optimism and freshness to it. The Flame is his latest gem, attached below, and comes off his album Until It’s Gone. Team Poule says, hang loose.

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